Our Favourite Holiday Books

Blue Moon Publishers Authors Share Their Favourite Holiday Tales The holiday season evokes different memories for everybody. Some recall traditions around food or games, while others think of films or works of literature. It is our hope that, regardless of your specific memory, all include thoughts of friends, family, and those you love. This year, [...]

Literary Insights: You Will Not Have My Hate

The Right Book at the Right Time By Susanne Carter Sometimes the right book appears at the very moment that we need it—bibliotherapy at its best. The morning after the devastating American presidential election, when I wanted to hate every single person in this country who voted for Trump, fantasized about moving to some remote [...]

Book Launch: Anna Kopp Launches Rise of the Chosen

New Fantasy Series Launches at Barnes & Noble Mentor! Last month saw the release of brand new Blue Moon Publishers title Rise of the Chosen by debut author Anna Kopp. On Saturday, November 19, Rise of the Chosen launched at Barnes & Noble Mentor. This book is the first in the multi-part "Lifeblood" YA dystopian series. The Book Launch The three hour event [...]

Literary Insights: Narrative Empathy

How Fiction Can Elicit Empathy By Susanne Carter Reading literary fiction helps to build empathy in readers. That is the conclusion of several research studies conducted in the United States and Canada during the past few years. This marriage of psychology and literature even has a name—“narrative empathy”—and has caught the attention of researchers interesting [...]

Book Launch: Jill Bowers Launches Immortal Writers

New YA Fantasy Novel Launches at Utah State University!   Last week saw the release of brand new Blue Moon Publishers title Immortal Writers by debut author Jill Bowers. On Monday, November 7, Immortal Writers launched at the Utah State University in two very exciting events. First, writing students, family, and friends gathered for an exclusive reading and Q&A session with Jill.  Star Coulbrooke, [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Introduces New Author Craig Terlson

Getting To Know Our New Literary YA Fiction Author Join us as we chat with author Craig Terlson, the newest member of the Blue Moon Publishers family, about his writing and upcoming literary YA novel Fall In One Day! Have you always wanted to be a writer?  Even though I ended up with a career as an illustrator, and [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Releases Immortal Writers

The First Book in Jill Bowers' "Immortal Writers" Series is Now Available! Blue Moon Publishers is thrilled to be releasing Utah author Jill Bowers' debut novel, Immortal Writers, the first in a multi-part series of the same name. This fresh and imaginative young adult fantasy series answers the question, "What would happen if the stories [...]

Music And The Written Word

Blue Moon Publishers Author Jill Bowers Discusses Music and Her Writing By Jill Bowers When I was in fourth grade, my teacher told me about a writing contest. She showed me the requirements. The person holding the contest was looking for poetry and short stories to include in an anthology. “I have to be twelve [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Releases Rise of the Chosen

The First Book in Anna Kopp's "Lifeblood" Series is Now Available! Blue Moon Publishers is excited to announce the release of Anna Kopp's young adult dystopian novel Rise of the Chosen, the first book in the "Lifeblood" series inspired by The Walking Dead! About Rise of the Chosen In Sam's world there are two rules. Rule #1: Nobody dies. Protect [...]

Literary Insights: Giving the Voiceless a Voice

Writing about North Korea By Susanne Carter Although several memoirs and non-fiction narratives have been written about North Korea during the past few years, fiction has been sparse. Characters in these narratives tend to be flat and one-dimensional. In this guest blog I discuss recent novels written by South Korean Krys Lee and American Adam Johnson [...]

Leslie Welch Partners With Hungry For Music

The Goodbyes Author Supports Music Charity at Barnes & Noble Fairfax On September 10, author Leslie Welch shared her debut novel, The Goodbyes, with Barnes & Noble Fairfax. Music and memory play a large role in the book, which is why Welch partnered with Hungry For Music – a charity with the mission of giving the gift of music to [...]

Dragon Slaying and Other Extreme Sports

Or, Why I Write YA Fantasy By Jill Bowers A chilled, new-spring breeze caressed my face as I stood and talked with my neighbour. My dog pulled against her leash, begging to get on with her walk, but my neighbour had stopped to chat. They always do that, don’t they? “You’re writing a book, right?” [...]