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The Popular YA Novel  (YA, Contemporary)

Laugh out loud funnyAmish Guys Don’t Call is a witty romantic comedy that entertains from beginning to end. Sam is a complex and relatible protagonist who falls for a boy that is far more than Plain.”

– Kate Scott, author of Counting to D

Amish Guys Don’t Call entices you in with Samantha’s quest for peer acceptance and love then it morphs into a tale of larger cultural and emotional issues. I relished following Samantha along the very rocky dating path as well as into heartbreak and social stigma. This coming of age story will leave you with a broader view of the world all while entertaining you.”
– LeeAnn McLennan, author of the Dormant series

“In Amish Guys Don’t Call, author Debby Dodds gives us a young high school girl we can all root for. In a story filled with surprises, emotional ups and downs, and humour, Dodds deftly paints a portrait of a young girl whose honesty, courage, and intelligence win the day. Highly recommended.”
– Warren C. Easley, author of the Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries



Samantha is already facing scrutiny and anxiety at the start of her junior year, as she’s finally been accepted into the popular girls’ clique called “The Sherpas.” But when she realizes that her new boyfriend Zach was raised Amish, Sam must tackle a whole new set of challenges! Zach has chosen not to end his Rumspringa, instigating a potential shunning from his family. Not only that, but Sam’s new friends can’t miss this opportunity to tease and torment her.

Sam has never really come to terms with her parents’ divorce, so when her world crashes down on her in the form of cyberbullying and Zach’s apparent return to the Amish community, she reverts to old, illegal habits. Does Sam even want friends like these? And, will her culture-crossed love with Zach find a way?

Written by Debby Dodds, this debut novel launches in 2017.