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Ashes (Literary Fiction)

“Ashes” is amazing and the story and central character have really stayed with me, you will love it.’

– Sorrel Wood.

-“Have just finished reading Ashes. It’s beautiful. So precisely realised from the inside of Eva’s and Carrie-Anne’s heads, and Dan’s too.”
-Dale Mitchell


Eva stumbles from a burning building unable to answer questions about anything that happened before the night that Dan rescued her. Lacking identity is particularly concerning for a child – who will look after her? The answer: until she can remember who she is, a string of foster carers, some more competent than others.

Dan would keep her, if he was allowed, but instead he must heal his strained marriage. His wife, Bea, is grieving, since their own child was born sleeping. Dan escapes his small, unhappy house, to investigate Eva’s past. With space to think, he realises that any life without Bea is not an option he would consider. But will Bea agree?

Carrie-Anne lives behind the burning house where Eva was found in a grainy fug of depression, alcohol and denial, sleeping through days and drinking away nights. Does she want to remember how the past links her to Eva? During her recovery, this is the question that plagues her, without an answer as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Written by Sarah Mitchell-Jackson, this is her debut novel.