Author Insights: The Perennial Writer’s Question

Why I Write We asked literary YA author Craig Terlson, whose new book Fall In One Day launches this May, a simple question: Why do you write? His answer reveals that there's more to this question than many assume!  As long as there have been writers, people have been asking them, "Why do you write?" Now for me, this question differs from [...]

Book Launch: Susan Marshall Launches NemeSIS

New young adult novel NemeSIS by Susan Marshall received not one but two book launches in Toronto! Read on for details and pictures of the successful events.

Blue Moon Publishers Releases NemeSIS

The New Young Adult Novel from Susan Marshall is Now Available! Blue Moon Publishers is excited to release Toronto author Susan Marshall's debut novel, NemeSIS. Although the subject of bullying has been dealt with extensively in young adult literature, this novel examines the topic from a unique perspective: from right within the family. About NemeSIS Dad has moved out and Mom has [...]

The Goodbyes Shortlisted for Foreword INDIES Book of the Year

Leslie Welch's Debut Novel is a Finalist for Book of the Year! We're proud to announce that The Goodbyes by Blue Moon Publishers author Leslie Welch is a finalist for the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year in the Romance category! How does Leslie feel about the accomplishment? "Saying I'm honoured to be a Foreword Book of the [...]

Literary Insights: Writing in an Age of Resistance

The Power of the Essay By Susanne Carter “A word after a word after a word is power.” --Margaret Atwood In their grief and disbelief over the outcome of the American presidential election, many people have turned to reading to try to make sense of this bizarre new era. Donald Trump’s unprecedented rise to power [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Introduces New Author Mark Burley

Getting To Know Our New YA Author Join us as we chat with Blue Moon Publishers author Mark Burley about his writing process and his exciting, upcoming YA novel, Hit the Ground Running! Have you always wanted to be a writer?  I’ve always wanted to create, and I’ve always really liked stories. When I was young, we’d [...]

To Love A Stranger Author Kris Faatz Shares Tips For Aspiring Authors

Bumps in the Road and How to Navigate Them By Kris Faatz When I started writing seriously, almost ten years ago, I thought it was going to be easy. I was between jobs, and as a kid I’d always liked to write, and I had an idea for a book. What better time to jump [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Introduces New Author B.R. Myers

Getting To Know Our New YA Author Join us as we chat with Blue Moon Publishers author B.R. Myers about her writing and upcoming YA novels, Asp of Ascension and Diadem of Death, from the new Nefertari Hughes mystery series! Have you always wanted to be a writer?  I've always been a bit of a day dreamer—you know, the kid who [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Introduces YA Author Susan Marshall

Getting To Know Our New YA Fiction Author Join us as we chat with author Susan Marshall, the newest member of the Blue Moon Publishers family, about her writing and upcoming YA novel NemeSIS! Have you always wanted to be a writer?  I’ve always been a voracious reader and am a huge fan of many authors. Until recently, [...]

A Holiday Gift for 2016

Wishing You a New Year of Health and Happiness! As 2016 nears its conclusion and we prepare to spend time with our loved ones, we'd like to wish all a wonderful holiday filled with special traditions and memories – and maybe a good book in there as well! Our Holiday Gift As a publishing company, we value books and are fully aware of the profound impact they can [...]

Our Favourite Holiday Books

Blue Moon Publishers Authors Share Their Favourite Holiday Tales The holiday season evokes different memories for everybody. Some recall traditions around food or games, while others think of films or works of literature. It is our hope that, regardless of your specific memory, all include thoughts of friends, family, and those you love. This year, [...]

Literary Insights: You Will Not Have My Hate

The Right Book at the Right Time By Susanne Carter Sometimes the right book appears at the very moment that we need it—bibliotherapy at its best. The morning after the devastating American presidential election, when I wanted to hate every single person in this country who voted for Trump, fantasized about moving to some remote [...]