Blue Moon Publishers Releases Rise of the Chosen

The First Book in Anna Kopp's "Lifeblood" Series is Now Available! Blue Moon Publishers is excited to announce the release of Anna Kopp's young adult dystopian novel Rise of the Chosen, the first book in the "Lifeblood" series inspired by The Walking Dead! About Rise of the Chosen In Sam's world there are two rules. Rule #1: Nobody dies. Protect [...]

Literary Insights: Giving the Voiceless a Voice

Writing about North Korea By Susanne Carter Although several memoirs and non-fiction narratives have been written about North Korea during the past few years, fiction has been sparse. Characters in these narratives tend to be flat and one-dimensional. In this guest blog I discuss recent novels written by South Korean Krys Lee and American Adam Johnson [...]

Leslie Welch Partners With Hungry For Music

The Goodbyes Author Supports Music Charity at Barnes & Noble Fairfax On September 10, author Leslie Welch shared her debut novel, The Goodbyes, with Barnes & Noble Fairfax. Music and memory play a large role in the book, which is why Welch partnered with Hungry For Music – a charity with the mission of giving the gift of music to [...]

Dragon Slaying and Other Extreme Sports

Or, Why I Write YA Fantasy By Jill Bowers A chilled, new-spring breeze caressed my face as I stood and talked with my neighbour. My dog pulled against her leash, begging to get on with her walk, but my neighbour had stopped to chat. They always do that, don’t they? “You’re writing a book, right?” [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Releases Fourth Book in the Legend of Rhyme

Second Twin by Jaime Lee Mann is now available! Bestselling middle-grade fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann started writing down the bedtime stories she told her daughters when she realized they couldn't get enough of the tales. Now we are proud to be releasing the fourth title in the beloved "Legend of Rhyme" series, Second Twin. This magical tale full of [...]

Literary Insights: The Homefront Experience

Writing with Honesty By Susanne Carter As the genre of war literature continues to grow, the war fought on the homefront by members of military families has found a voice of its own. Even though women are now actively involved in combat zones, the mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives who are left on the homefront [...]

The Goodbyes Author Leslie Welch Shares Tips For Aspiring Authors

Everyone Has A Story By Leslie Welch Before I was an author, I was a video producer. In 2011, I was filming promo videos for a conference. While the crew set up lights and the backdrop, I nervously fidgeted across from Peter H. Reynolds—a New York Times Bestselling author and renowned illustrator. Star struck? That’s [...]

Literary Insights: An Exploration Into Feelings

Exploring Loneliness in Writing By Susanne Carter I love writers who write about human emotions, and through their explorations, help me to understand feelings I have had but might not be comfortable discussing with other people. One of these feelings is loneliness, a universal feeling that we have all experienced to a greater or lesser degree [...]

Book Launch: Leslie Welch Launches The Goodbyes

Our New Women's Fiction Title Launches at The Old Fire Station #3! Last week marked the release of brand new Blue Moon Publishers title The Goodbyes by debut author Leslie Welch. On Saturday, The Goodbyes launched at The Old Fire Station #3 in Fairfax, VA. The book launch was a huge success! Almost 100 people came to support The Goodbyes—including Fairfax City Mayor [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Releases Debut Novel The Goodbyes

The Goodbyes by Leslie Welch is now available! Debut author Leslie Welch is as excited as we are to be releasing her debut novel, entitled The Goodbyes, a moving and realistic account of the strength of an unbreakable bond, the anguish of unrequited feelings, and the wisdom attained through the highs and lows of triumph and tragedy. We are sending warmest congratulations [...]

Literary Insights: The Human Side of Terror

Writing Fiction About Controversial Issues By Susanne Carter Every day somewhere around the globe a bomb explodes. People going about the mundane routines of their daily lives are killed or injured. The world takes momentary notice and moves on, the incident quickly forgotten. Novelist Karan Mahajan, however, never forgot the car bomb set off in [...]

Love, Reality Style Featured in The Item Of Millburn and Short Hills

Judith Natelli McLaughlin Chats About Chick Lit Blue Moon Publishers and Judith Natelli McLaughlin are very pleased to see a feature on this local author and her new women's fiction release Love, Reality Style in The Item of Millburn and Short Hills! The publication features local authors, and was excited to shine a spotlight on this brand [...]