Fall In One Day

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“Terlson doesn't disappoint. I sat down with Fall In One Day and kept turning the pages until I finished it nearly in one sitting. Action, history, mystery, and at the heart of it, friendship, all keep you on the edge of your seat, not quite wanting it to end.” - Lois N., book reviewer

To Love A Stranger

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“To Love A Stranger by Kris Faatz is a novel full of all kinds of love—big, messy, secret. It is a novel full of music and juicy orchestra drama rivalling Mozart In The Jungle. It is a novel full of both sweetness and sadness. Readers are safe in this author’s thoughtful hands, amidst these gorgeous words, in this world rich with the heady sounds of darkness, honesty, forgiveness. To Love A Stranger is written with the harmony of humanity in mind. To Love A Stranger is a song.” — Leesa Cross-Smith, author of Every Kiss A War


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“Marshall has written a rare book: a YA novel in which serious themes—divorce, isolation, mental health, bullying, etc.—are considered without admonishing readers or beating them over the head with lessons. A smart choice for teen readers.” - Kirkus Reviews

Hit the Ground Running

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The Popular Hit the Ground Running Series (YA, Mystery) “Once you start you will not put this book down. Highly entertaining, this story is full of action and enough suspense to be a page turner with a perfect cliffhanging ending. Praise Mark Burley for magnificent story.” — Arlene Arredondo, Arlene's Book Reviews

Asp of Ascension, “Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series”

  The Popular Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series (YA, Mystery) “Where the ancient world meets modern day high school, Asp of Ascension is a fast-paced thrill ride through the history we often wonder about and the not-so-distant history we sometimes hope to forget.” — Rebekah Crane, author of Aspen, Playing Nice, and The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland “Great fun… a twisty-turny mystery [...]

Diadem of Death, “Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series”

The Popular Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series (YA, Mystery) "This second adventure is a delicately woven tapestry of ancient history, supernatural mystery and typical teenage angst. B. R. Myers strikes the perfect balance between suspense and sentiment that keeps readers on edge as Terry navigates Cleopatra's tomb, her emotions from the past and the puzzles of [...]

Amish Guys Don’t Call

The Popular YA Novel  (YA, Contemporary) "Laugh out loud funny! Amish Guys Don't Call is a witty romantic comedy that entertains from beginning to end. Sam is a complex and relatible protagonist who falls for a boy that is far more than Plain." - Kate Scott, author of Counting to D "Amish Guys Don't Call entices you in with Samantha's [...]

Ashes, Literary Fiction

Ashes (Literary Fiction) "Ashes" is amazing and the story and central character have really stayed with me, you will love it.' - Sorrel Wood. -"Have just finished reading Ashes. It's beautiful. So precisely realised from the inside of Eva's and Carrie-Anne's heads, and Dan's too." -Dale Mitchell ASHES Eva stumbles from a burning building unable to [...]

Second Twin, Middle-Grade Fantasy Series

The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme, (MG, Fantasy) "Second Twin had me from the first page and kept me on the edge on my seat until the very end. This is my favorite installment yet, in The Legend of Rhyme series. The author paints such vivid scenes into the reader's mind, as [...]

The Goodbyes

The Goodbyes (LF, Women's Fiction) "What an emotive read this proved to be; heart-breaking, simply superb and unique!" -Elaine Brent, Splashes Into Books "If you think you have an idea of what's going to happen, think again. This story is one of the very, VERY rare ones that truly surprised me by going in a completely [...]