Nirvana, Dystopian YA Series

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The Popular Nirvana Series (YA, Dystopian) Best work of fiction about virtual reality that I have ever read. -Rhetta Akamatsu, Blog Critics Magazine Kenders (Larissa) is the most devoted and tenacious heroine I have read in a long time... If you enjoy futuristic what-if books like The Hunger Games or The Matrix, give this series [...]

Into Coraira, Middle-Grade Fantasy Series

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The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme, (MG, Fantasy) “Simply put, Into Coraira is one of the best young person books I have read.” - Sean Talbot, book reviewer "There are fairies, gnomes, heroes, heroines, magic, mystery, danger, and double crossing to enthral children… enjoy escaping into this new fantasy adventure!" -Elaine Brent, [...]