Publishers of Quality Literary Fiction and Non-Fiction

Once in a blue moon, a story comes along that captures hearts and imaginations. We’re a boutique Canadian publishing house that shines a light on diverse stories and new voices. We strive to change lives through literature, and have a meaningful impact on our readers through the tales we tell. We are proud members of the Literary Press Group of Canada and the Ontario Book Publishers Organization, and are committed to publishing writing that inspires, encourages, and motivates our readers to make the world a better place. 

Our main lines are Women’s, Children’s, and Young Adult Fiction. We are particularly interested in Women’s Literary Fiction: books written by women that address real issues in a modern way that is sensitive and thoughtful. We are pleased to have a wide variety of authors on our publishing list, from debut authors to established, bestselling, and award-winning authors. At Blue Moon Publishers, each author is part of our family of writers, and we look forward to continuing to build a title list with compelling, high-quality, original stories. Check back soon as we launch new imprints!

We are also committed to literacy, and like to give back to the literary community. Each time you read one of our books, know that we’ll be contributing a portion of the profits to support literacy campaigns worldwide. Please see our Giving Back page for more information on programs that we are supporting from our profits. We believe that books can affect change for all ages in all parts of our world. Our ultimate goal as we grow our own book list is to build a stand-alone library for children. It’s our way of saying thanks.