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“The book also kicks off Blue Moon Publishers’ songwriter series, which will give voice to musicians’ experiences” -Open Book

Songwriter Series: Many Moons by Dayna Manning

Songwriter Series by award-winning musicians

The stories behind the songs

Every musician has a story to tell, and every song tells a story. The books in our Songwriter Series are reflections on the life and art of musicians and anyone whose passion is fulfilled by music. Representing award-winning musicians from different musical genres, the books will be filled with original lyrics, intriguing stories, personal recollections, deep insights, compelling backstories, and vital histories that make for compulsive reading.

In the format for our Songwriter Series, lyrics set the stage for the memoir. Written within an arrangement that comes naturally to a songwriter, each chapter begins with lyrics to a song followed by the fascinating stories that inspired it or the direction their life took after writing the song. While some books will be written in different formats, each one will be as unique as the artist is, capturing the spirit of their music and themselves.

Step inside the world of a musician with the books in this series. For an exclusive inside look at a musician’s life that is entertaining, inspirational, and informative, these books are a must-read for aspiring songwriters, artists, and anyone who loves music!

Submissions for our Songwriter Series

We have signed on a number of books for our series and are interested in receiving submissions from musicians and their agents. Our series is based on solid writing and compelling storytelling that stays true to an artist’s voice. For an example of such work, please read Many Moons by Dayna Manning, the first book in our series. If you are interested in submitting a proposal or a completed manuscript, please review our submission guidelines for further instructions on the submission process.