Blue Moon Publishers Celebrates the Legend of Rhyme!

Final Book in the Middle Grade Fantasy Series is Here!

Do you believe children have the power to change the world?Bestselling middle-grade fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann sure does. Today marks the release of the final title in Jaime Lee’s beloved Legend of Rhyme series, Ancient Fall, and Blue Moon Publishers is celebrating not only this new book, but this magical, unforgettable series as a whole!

The Legend of Rhyme Series

The Legend of Rhyme series started as a bedtime story that author Jaime Lee would tell her young daughters. Once she decided to write it down as the first book, Elora of Stone, Jaime Lee couldn’t stop expanding the tale! Soon followed five more books: Into Coraira, Teagan of Tomorrow, Second Twin, Blood and Stars, and Stir of Shadows. Now Blue Moon Publishers is excited to release the seventh and final novel in the series, Ancient Fall, to wrap it all up!

This magical tale full of mermaids and witches, pixies and phoenixes, and several special sets of twins is not all about entertainment, delivering a strong message about the need for conservation and the power for change that every human holds. Indeed, each book features a fantastic story as well as a worthwhile message for young readers, from the importance of asking questions and not taking things at face value, to the acceptance of same-sex romance and need for conservation.

The Importance of Conservation

When asked what inspired the conservation theme in Ancient Fall, Jaime Lee stated, “One day, not long after [first book in the series] Elora of Stone was published, I was washing the dishes and I had this clear image pop into my head of Earth magically being put back to ‘factory settings’ and how my protagonists might be able to make that happen. So, I wrote the rest of the series with that ending in mind. The message is stronger in the last book, but if you were to look for it, you’d notice it there earlier in the series.”

The End of an Era

Although the release of the final book marks an end of an era of sorts, Blue Moon Publishers couldn’t be more proud of all the Jaime Lee and the Legend of Rhyme have achieved. From appearances at Word on the Street Halifax and Reading Town Canada to a feature in Middle Shelf Magazine and a glowing review in Atlantic Reviews today, this series has been a hit. Jaime Lee has also tirelessly appeared at countless elementary schools, bookstores, and libraries throughout Atlantic Canada, meeting her fans and inspiring young readers everywhere she goes.

It has been a pleasure bringing the Legend of Rhyme series to readers both young and mature, and we can’t wait to see where Jaime Lee’s next writing adventure will take her. You can purchase Ancient Fall and the entire series at your local bookseller, Indigo or Amazon.

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