Blue Moon Publishers Embraces The Women’s Fiction Genre

The Diverse Genre

We’ve developed a growing interest in women’s fiction, in part because it is such a diverse literary genre. While there are varied definitions, to us it is this simple: the women’s fiction genre is made up of female-focused books that are about women’s issues where the main character is a woman whose changes and emotional development are central to the storyline.

What Is Women’s Fiction?

What sets these books apart from other genre classifications such as romance or chick lit is the depth of characters, the complex story lines, and the literary writing styles. “I feel that women’s fiction often gets lumped in with the romance genre only,” explains “Aqua” series author Amanda S. Jones. “My ‘Aqua’ series speaks to women’s issues, and yes there is a love story component, but each novel in my series is also travel fiction, where the location becomes a central character and influences the plot. I didn’t intentionally set out to write a romance novel, and I didn’t approach a publishing house that specializes in that genre as I don’t believe the story has that mass market appeal. For one, there aren’t explicit sex scenes and the story isn’t melodramatic or a romantic fantasy.”

The Blue Moon Voices Imprint

We are pleased to presented new women’s fiction authors with our Blue Moon Voices imprint. Our books present fresh, insightful voices that make us laugh, make us shed a tear, and make us think. More importantly, they are voices with literary merit, that layer themes, offer three-dimensional characterization, and experiment with traditional storytelling structures, narrative voices, and multiple points of view. Jane Smiley, who won a Pulitzer in 1992 for A Thousand Acres, said: “When I think about my own work, I think that it maybe falls between two stools, and sometimes this is good and sometimes it’s bad — not making the money that Jodi Picoult is making, not achieving the status of Franzen or Wallace. Nevertheless, one of the great things for our generation of women writers is the freedom we’ve felt to write about whatever subjects we wish to write about.” At Blue Moon Publishers, one of our goals is to celebrate that freedom and to bring a new generation of women’s voices into the limelight.

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