Blue Moon Publishers Introduces New Author B.R. Myers

Getting To Know Our New YA Author

Join us as we chat with Blue Moon Publishers author B.R. Myers about her writing and upcoming YA novels, Asp of Ascension and Diadem of Death, from the new Nefertari Hughes mystery series!

Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

I’ve always been a bit of a day dreamer—you know, the kid who spent class looking out the window instead of listening to the teacher—but I didn’t start writing until I was in my mid thirties.

What inspired you to begin writing the Nefertari Hughes mystery series? 

While I’ve visited the Museum of Natural History in Ottawa as a young student and again with my own children in tow, it wasn’t until my third trip to the beautiful castle that I had the chance to walk through the building on my own. Standing in line to buy a ticket, I looked up at the balconies and an idea began to take root. Without any distractions I was able to peruse and linger in the various galleries at my leisure. And while I was appreciating the rare crystals and gems in the Earth Gallery, I began to wonder if anyone had ever tried to break in to steal any of the rare stones. By the time I reached the top floor, I knew I would be writing a story about a museum heist gone sour. And once I leaned over the railing and saw the dizzying drop to the ground floor, the notion for Asp of Ascension had taken hold. But instead of a rare gem being stolen, it would be a priceless artifact (that also happened to be cursed).

From where do you draw your inspiration for your vivid characters?

From real life. I take notice of all the small habits of the people around me (strangers/family/friends), those tiny quirks and nuances that make us all unique.

Have you had anything published in the past? Are you working on writing anything currently? 

I have two contemporary coming of age novels, Butterflies Don’t Lie and Girl on the Run, which was chosen by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre for Best Book for Teens in 2016. As well, I have a YA paranormal series, Night Shift, now available from Amazon.

What have you learned through your writing?

Good writing takes a lot of practise and self discipline, but I’ve also discovered it takes an incredible amount of hope. When I have an idea I hope I can turn it into a story, and then I hope people will read it and like it. For me, the basis of all my stories begins, and is fueled with, a buoyant optimism. The simple act of writing in itself is hopeful because there’s nothing quite as magical as getting lost in a good story, is there?

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