Blue Moon Publishers Introduces New Author Marina L. Reed

Getting To Know Our Newest Literary Fiction Author

Join us as we chat with new Blue Moon Publishers author Marina L Reed about her writing process, writing tips, and her beautiful and poignant upcoming literary novel, Primrose Street.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

Always.  I started writing poems when I was 6 or 7, and my first small book when I was 10 and in love with Nancy Drew.  I never stopped.  I’ve written ballads, poems, adventure stories, children’s stories, non-fiction works,  journals… never a year of my life would go by without penning something; my filing cabinet attests to that. And each summer, as a girl,  I had a basket of books I would devour up in my favourite, secret tree, where no one could find me for chores. Books and words and imagination are my passion.

What inspired you to begin writing Primrose Street?

Inspiration comes from so many places for me and everything is personal in some way. Primrose Street evolved and became an exploration into the damage that secrets can do and why we need a more open, tolerant society.

Which aspects of the writing process present a challenge, and how do you overcome them?

Technical aspects; I sometimes overlook them when I’m on a roll.  I overcome this by going back and reading as if it were someone else’s work, and then working on the black and white issues of presentation, grammar, point of view, etc. etc.  I work hard. Then I work harder when my editor shows me more that I’ve missed.  It’s a different head space for me.

Do you have any quirky writing habits?

If I write in the morning, a coffee and water and iTune’s “Focus” playlist. If it’s late afternoon or evening, I begin with a small glass of red wine and then switch to rooibos tea with cinnamon.  And if I write for 8 hours or more without a break, I reward myself with a nice scotch at the end.  And I like YoYo Ma or Lute music as inspiration in the background for evening writing.  But if it’s a difficult part I’m writing, silence.

Have you had anything published in the past? Are you working on writing anything currently?

I have been published in journals and newspapers, and have contributed to non-fiction texts. I have been shortlisted in competitions. This is the beginning of my full time writing career! I am currently on the fifth edit of my next book, drafting its sequel and finishing a young adult novel.  I have a fantasy swimming in the back of my mind as well.  I also have a screenplay knocking at my door and a stage play. My fingers have a hard time keeping up with my imagination.

What have you learned through your writing?

Perspective. There are millions of them. Stories need to be told, and I have good ones to tell.  And we need stories, we learn from them.  They expand us.  I’ve learned to be a keen observer. I read from a wider range of genres. I read differently now, analyzing more, asking why this novel moved me and this one didn’t. The honing of the craft of writing is endless and intoxicating. I love it more and more.


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