Blue Moon Publishers partners with Squiggle Park

Squiggle Park features Legend of Rhyme series!

Blue Moon Publishers is excited to announce a partnership with Squiggle Park for bestselling middle-grade fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann’s the Legend of Rhyme series. This magical Middle Grade fantasy series has inspired and touched the lives of so many children and now we’ll be introducing it to parents and teachers as well as it is now part of Squiggle Park’s Dreamscape game. “When I started writing the Legend of Rhyme series, I was quite intentional about making the books as readable and “un-put-downable” as possible. It is so rewarding for me to hear that my stories are being gobbled up by children who may otherwise not enjoy reading,” says Jaime Lee Mann. “I love that Squiggle Park is brilliantly filling a need to engage reluctant readers, through the medium of video games, and the fact that my books are included in the Dreamscape universe is absolutely thrilling!”

About Squiggle Park

Squiggle Park is a Canadian education company that seeks to engage young, reluctant, readers in deep and nuanced literacy skills through the power of digital games.

“Jaime Lee Mann’s Legend of Rhyme series is a wonderful hook for inciting a love of books in middle-grade readers. Squiggle Park’s focus on engaging reluctant readers means we know well that the best way to convince kids of the magic of reading is to show, not tell– and that’s exactly what this series does,” says the Squiggle Park Creative Production team. ” This epic tale full of fantastical friendships and suspenseful twists will draw in kids who would have never before dared to say that reading was fun. Written in accessible language for imaginative minds, Legend of Rhyme is a wonderful gateway into a lifetime of enhanced literacy, and Squiggle Park is proud to bring these books to even more children through our reading skills game, Dreamscape.”

You can play the Squiggle Park game and purchase any of Jaime Lee’s books or the entire series at your local bookseller, Indigo or Amazon.

New Partnerships for Blue Moon Publishers

We are excited for this partnership as Elora of Stone, the first book in the Legend of Rhyme series, was also the first book that we published. Over the years, the series has grown in popularity and has been featured at Word on the Street Halifax and Reading Town Canada, highlighted in Middle Shelf Magazine and Atlantic Reviews today, and carried in bookstores and libraries throughout Canada. Squiggle Park is one of the many partnerships the Blue Moon Publishers team is working on now that the series has wrapped up .

“The passion that Blue Moon Publishers has for inspiring young minds to become enthusiastic, life-long readers has made them a wonderful partner on this project. Squiggle Park’s objective to grow strong, confident, readers through play necessitates exactly the kind of fun, engaging, and accessible literature for kids that Blue Moon provides,” says the Squiggle Park Creative Production team. “We are excited about this first venture between us, and look forward to collaborating on new creative projects to get kids reading!”

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