Blue Moon Publishers Releases Blood and Stars

The Fifth Book in the Legend of Rhyme Series by Jaime Lee Mann is Now Available!

Bestselling fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann is now celebrating the release of the fifth novel in the middle grade Legend of Rhyme series, Blood and Stars! We remember launching this series back in 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce young fans and mature readers alike to the next instalment.

About Blood and Stars 

Thirteen-year-old Ariana Caine has woken in Coraira, and is torn between finding her brother Asher and learning how to rule the magic realm while Calla is under a protection spell.

Beneath the sea, Starla the mer-queen is bringing her apprentice, Teagan, to the Chamber of Memories to learn more about her parents. But when Starla is beckoned by one of the Ancients, Teagan is approached by a stranger, who promises to lead her to her mother and father. Meanwhile, the sea witch and her sisters are poised and ready to usurp the queen’s reign, and will stop at nothing to gain her powers.

On top of it all, Elora, the infamous witch who has caused so much heartache, is now asking for trust one last time.

Will Ariana choose Coraira over her brother?

Will the sea witch have her wish?

What are Elora’s true intentions?

Inspiration for Blood and Stars 

When asked what messages she tried to convey to her young readers through her new novel, Jaime stated,

Basically, no it isn’t good to be a bully—or an evil witch—but sometimes the bully is to be more pitied than anything because of what happened to make them that way.

I did want to add a subtle message about mental illness in there. And with what happened with Elora… I wanted the reader to feel like they’d gained enough insight into her past and what had happened to turn her into such a monster, to be able to see a different side.

About Jaime Lee Mann

When Jaime Lee Mann was nine years old, she decided that she would be an author when she grew up. Many years later, Jaime Lee’s children would beg her to tell them stories at bedtime. Sometimes her stories were silly and sometimes they were magical. The girls loved one of her magical stories so much that Jaime Lee decided to write it down. That story would eventually become Elora of Stone, the first novel in the “Legend of Rhyme” series.

JL (as her family calls her) lives in a pretty house in Prince Edward Island with her husband and two daughters (who are still little girls for now). She writes every day and plans to do so for as long as people love to read her words.

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