Blue Moon Publishers Releases Hit the Ground Running

The First Book in the YA Series by Mark Burley is Now Available!

Blue Moon Publishers is excited to release Halifax author Mark Burley’s debut novel, Hit the Ground Running. This book is the first in the “Hit the Ground Running” young adult series, which combines action and adventure, mystery and intrigue, and the extreme world of parkour.

About Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running tells the story of Eric Bakker, a young man skilled in parkour who uses running to help him deal with all kinds of obstacles in his life. When Eric gets a cryptic message from his brother telling him their parents have been abducted, and then his brother disappears, he sets out to find them. To do so, Eric has to discover the secrets of his parents’ research, but the conspiracy he uncovers threatens more than just his family.

Inspiration for Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running was inspired by a suggestion from Mark’s daughter, Jordan, after a visit to a particularly creepy museum exhibit about ancient Egypt. She had the idea that a boy’s parents, who were scientists studying mummies, would go missing, and the boy would have to go find them. The parkour element for Eric’s character evolved from Mark’s fascination with the training concepts and from watching Jackie Chan movies. It also came from his own memories of messing around with parkour-like moves when he was a kid. “Plus,” he says, “let’s face it—the stuff people are doing these days is really cool.”

About Mark Burley

Mark Burley is originally from Truro, Nova Scotia. His parents were teachers, which means he could have grown up around books, and he did, but mostly he marked biology tests for his dad and dissected whatever they had for dinner (true story). He attended Dalhousie University in Halifax to complete his science degrees and continued to cultivate the writer seed that was planted when he was a kid. Mark and his wife now live outside Halifax with their two children.

Hit the Ground Running is published by Blue Moon Publishers and marketed by DigiWriting, both firms based in Toronto, Canada.

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