Blue Moon Publishers Releases NemeSIS

The New Young Adult Novel from Susan Marshall is Now Available!

Blue Moon Publishers is excited to release Toronto author Susan Marshall’s debut novel, NemeSISAlthough the subject of bullying has been dealt with extensively in young adult literature, this novel examines the topic from a unique perspective: from right within the family.

About NemeSIS

Dad has moved out and Mom has checked out, leaving the door wide open for the beautiful Rachel to torment her younger sister, Nadine, who is left on her own to cope with Rachel’s increasingly unpredictable moods. Nadine meets Anne, who introduces her to field hockey and her hot twin brothers. But as Nadine’s star begins to rise, Rachel plots to bring her back down. Is Nadine ready to risk it all in a final showdown with her sister?

NemeSIS was inspired by the relationships that developed amongst Susan and her three sisters when they all lived at home together in Hamilton, Ontario. Susan explains,

“We had a decent amount of conflict that at times crossed the line. I’ve witnessed, and participated in, schoolyard bullying, and I’ve seen it with my kids, too. All of these experiences made it easy to imagine what might happen if you had one sister with a propensity towards bullying, paired with another who was an easy target, and then added a family meltdown to the mix.”

NemeSIS isn’t solely about bullying, however. “Other themes naturally evolved, like mental illness, social isolation, romance, and field hockey, and I felt they made for a more interesting story,” says Susan.

Kirkus Reviews 

Kirkus Reviews is already a fan of the novel, stating in an advance review:

“Marshall has written a rare book: a YA novel in which serious themes—divorce, isolation, mental health, bullying, etc.—are considered without admonishing readers or beating them over the head with lessons. Instead, readers progress through sophomore year with Nadine, sharing her daily discouragements and small triumphs. The recurrence of certain problems is only natural; they’re part of Nadine’s experience, after all. On top of that, Marshall accurately portrays the relative gravity of teenage crushes and friend-group drama—heavy considerations for the high school crowd.

“A smart choice for teen readers.”

About Susan Marshall

As a mother of four, debut author Susan Marshall knows a thing or two about “offspring dispute resolution.” In 2013, Susan decided to put her expertise towards writing a book. Writing had always been a much-loved activity, and she is now happy to have a pursuit that allows her to work at home in sweat pants, drink loads of coffee, and engage in random fits of exercise when she needs a break. An avid reader, Susan loves e-books and falls asleep nightly to the soft glow, oblivious to what happened on the last page. Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Susan lives with her husband, Mark, three sons, a daughter, a dog, and a cat.

NemeSIS is published by Blue Moon Publishers and marketed by DigiWriting, both firms based in Toronto, Canada.

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