Book Launch: Jill Bowers Launches Immortal Writers

New YA Fantasy Novel Launches at Utah State University!

Last week saw the release of brand new Blue Moon Publishers title Immortal Writers by debut author Jill Bowers. On Monday, November 7, Immortal Writers launched at the Utah State University in two very exciting events.

First, writing students, family, and friends gathered for an exclusive reading and Q&A session with Jill.  Star Coulbrooke, Logan City Poet Laureate, introduced the Immortal Writers author before her appearance. Jill’s reading was met with laughter, and her incredible themed cake was very much enjoyed! Jill also shared the best writing advice she’s ever received:

“Keep writing, Jill. It can save you.”


Following the author reading, Jill presented at a USU writing master class to an intimate group of enrapt students on the three types of publishing, offering advice and answering another Q&A.

Thank You To All Supporters of Immortal Writers!

Blue Moon Publishers thanks all who came out to support Jill Bowers at her launch, and contributed to making this event such a wonderful success!

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