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The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme (Middle-Grade, Fantasy)

“Mann has created worlds and characters which will entertain and amuse her readers, but she also portrays the dangers of our seeming lack of awareness of environmental issues and our sluggish response to major crises such as global warming. Like the author, one can only hope that future generations are more enlightened and responsible and somehow find the phoenix feather which will lead to the rebirth of the planet. ”
-Ann Ketcheson, Canadian Review of Materials

“The ‘Legend of Rhyme’ depicts a wondrous world populated with fairies and ogres, good witches and bad, and delightful protagonists.”
-Paulette Bourgeois, author of the Franklin the Turtle series, Order of Canada winner


The enchanted land of Coraira has died, preventing entry for twins Asher and Ariana Caine. They are now trapped alone in the realm of ice and snow, unable to use their magical powers to escape.

Meanwhile, the wise Ancients—the twins’ mentors—have each been stolen by a mysterious cloud. Vengeful Mother Earth has finally decided to fight back against the humans who have been abusing her for centuries.

Through a series of visions and prophecies, it becomes evident that a dark curse may be responsible for humanity’s actions. Now, the curse must be broken before the rare twin moons reach their highest point in the sky if there is to be any hope that Mother Earth will return the world to humankind.

Will the Caine twins make it out of the ice realm alive?
Will the heirs of Elora and Larque figure out how to lift the curse?
And what will happen to everyone if Mother Earth wins?

Written by Jaime Lee Mann, this is the seventh book in the series and the final instalment.