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The Popular Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series (YA, Mystery)

“This second adventure is a delicately woven tapestry of ancient history, supernatural mystery and typical teenage angst. B. R. Myers strikes the perfect balance between suspense and sentiment that keeps readers on edge as Terry navigates Cleopatra’s tomb, her emotions from the past and the puzzles of the present.”
— Natalie Corbett Sampson, author of It Should Have Been A #GoodDay, Aptitude, and Game Plan 
“Nefartari Hughes leaps back into the fray in Diadem of Death, a little older, a little wiser, and in possession of some kick-ass ancient powers!”
— Angela Misri, author of the Portia Adams Mystery Series


Nefertari “Terry” Hughes is looking forward to spending the school break with her boyfriend, but when her archaeologist father announces he’s working on a project that will take him to Egypt, all hopes of having a romantic summer are buried.

Terry accompanies her father to Alexandria where she’s reunited with her first crush, Awad—all grown up and an expert in translating hieroglyphics. He confides that the team is in a race to find Cleopatra’s lost tomb before a secret band of rebels steals Egypt’s last Pharaoh and her diadem.

But sabotage and a deadly accident put everyone on high alert, and Terry isn’t sure whom to trust. As the line between ally and enemy begins to blur, Terry has to keep her wits about her and figure out who wants the diadem badly enough to kill.

Written by BR Myers, this book launches in 2017.