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The Popular Fall In One Day (LF, YA)

“Terlson doesn’t disappoint. I sat down with Fall In One Day and kept turning the pages until I finished it nearly in one sitting. Action, history, mystery, and at the heart of it, friendship, all keep you on the edge of your seat, not quite wanting it to end.”
– Lois N., book reviewer
Time-Warp! The vivid descriptions that Terlson provides will make a reader feel like they too are living in the 1970’s. From dialogue to fashion, the author doesn’t miss a chance to work in the subtleties that readers will associate with the decade.”
— Kristine Daniels, Librarian


In the summer of 1973, a time of subversive drug culture and changing social roles, fifteen-year-old Joe Beck lives in a small Canadian city near the U.S. border where he watches dark-suited politicians lie on TV during something called Watergate. So when his best friend Brian goes missing, Joe has a hard time believing that adults ever tell the truth.

Joe knows that if Brian is going to be found, it’s up to him. Eventually, he launches his own investigation, using a tape recorder—just like the American president—to help sift through the clues with the help of his older brother and their DJ stoner friend.

With the unflinching honesty of a teenager’s-eye view, Joe embarks on a perilous and enlightening journey to decipher a mental institution diary full of secrets about a drug called LSD, uncover the truth about Brian’s father, and save his best friend.

Written by Craig Terlson, this debut novel launches in 2017.