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The Popular Hit the Ground Running Series (Young Adult, Mystery, Adventure)

“The characters may be moving constantly, but the story allows readers to get to know them, their flaws, and their motivations. There’s parkour, science, cool tech, and even a paranormal element. Two more books are in the works to complete the series, and I’m looking forward to reading them.”
—Sarah Monsma, Middle Grade and Young Adult Book Reviews

“A must read for YA readers, especially if you like action and adventure, along with mystery. This book is a whole package.”
— Fizza Younis, Book Eater 


“Run, Eric—go as far as you can as fast as you can. I will find you.”

Eric Bakker’s search isn’t over. The conspiracy revealed by his parents’ research goes deeper than he could have imagined, into a place and an organisation with as much history—and secrecy—as any in the world. Getting in won’t be easy, and he’ll need help from his friends more than ever. But when one of them commits a personal sacrifice so Eric can escape from the killers known as the Vidi, the fallout threatens to split the group apart.

Tess has been there from the beginning, but with the addition of Angel, the daughter of another researcher, she begins to doubt her role. Soon after, new information about her father’s death puts her at a crossroads that will force her to choose between Eric’s ​search for answers and her own.

For Eric, overcoming physical and mental obstacles is built into his parkour training philosophy, but the farther he goes in his search, the bigger the obstacles become. What he eventually discovers no one was ever supposed to find. Ultimately, his path leads to a violent encounter in Sicily, this time with no plan and no idea what he’s up against. Eric knows that whatever he encounters, he will have to adapt and react. As the saying goes, he will have to be like water. And like water, he will flow or he will crash.

Written by Mark Burley, this is the second book in the Hit the Ground Running Series.