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The Popular Immortal Writers Series (Young Adult, Fantasy)

“A sensational read. Adventure, creatures, intrigue, and suspense all wrapped into one amazing book…Jill Bowers has the raw power of drawing readers into her plot. I could not stop reading it. The story hooked me from beginning to end.”

-Danielle Urban, Urban Book Reviews

“Immortal Writers is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next. 5/5”
-Pamela Scott, A Book Lover’s Boudoir

“A brilliantly entertaining and action packed novel I thoroughly enjoyed reading and have no hesitation in highly recommending.”

-Elaine Brent,Splashes into Books

“I would definitely recommend this book to anyone — there is also a book club discussion guide at the end of the novel, so this is perfect for your club (or classroom’s) next read!”

-Julie Demers, Julie’s Literary Book Reviews


Sixteen-year-old author Scott Beck never wanted to be an Immortal Writer—not after his father was killed on a mission attempting to dispatch his own villain. Scott blames Shakespeare and the Writers for his father’s untimely demise, but no amount of hatred will prevent the oncoming alien attack, which has come over to reality straight from Scott’s book.

Scott is forced to collect his characters—an Air Force colonel, two of the best pilots on Earth, and an alien enthusiast from the year 2134—and defeat the alien king before Earth is obliterated by his ships. But an odd sickness Scott calls his Writing Fever might just kill him before the aliens have the chance.

Will Scott be able to defeat the monsters he created, or will the world end in flames?

Written by Jill Bowers, this is the second book in the series.