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The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme, (MG, Fantasy)

“Simply put, Into Coraira is one of the best young person books I have read.”
– Sean Talbot, book reviewer

“There are fairies, gnomes, heroes, heroines, magic, mystery, danger, and double crossing to enthral children… enjoy escaping into this new fantasy adventure!”
-Elaine Brent, Splashes Into Books

“I recommend this book for those that love a good, breathtaking novel and enjoy fantasy lands full of magic!”
-Arianna, 12-year-old reviewer at 5 Girls Book Reviews

“This awe inspiring book, Into Coraira, is a living masterpiece filled with beautiful, vivid artwork that seemed to draw the reader right into the setting along with wonderful realistic characters.”
– Wanda Maynard, book reviewer


The Kingdom of Falmoor has been freed of its curse. The evil one, banished to the dark realm.

Finally reunited after an eight year separation, Asher and Ariana Caine learn they possess magic—a magic more powerful when they’re together.

But the Caine twins don’t have much time to discover their powers before they face a new threat. This time, it’s not just Rhyme that’s at risk, but also the magical realm of Coraira, as the evil sorcerer Asgall plans to takeover all the world’s magic. And he wants the twins’ powers to help him do it.

Can the twins defeat Asgall before he destroys everything and everyone they love?

Written by Jaime Lee Mann, the book is available at bookstores and from Amazon.