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Working with Blue Moon Publishers has been (and continues to be) one of the best experiences of my life. My dream of publishing books has become a reality, and Blue Moon is exhausting their resources to get my titles into the hands of as many readers as they can. I’m happy that I chose to work with a small boutique publisher because it affords me more freedoms than being signed with a larger publishing house would, and I receive personalized service that other published authors don’t enjoy. I couldn’t be happier.

Author of the Canadian fantasy series, The Legend of Rhyme, Jaime Lee Mann was born and raised in a sweet little house by the sea in Prince Edward Island. The eldest of four, Jaime Lee and her sister could be found any day of the week playing make-believe on the rocky shore below their home, or in their own personal magic forest. (Their younger brothers weren’t allowed to follow them.)

Jaime Lee was drawn to books at a very young age and always had one on the go. She decided as a child that she would write books of her own when she grew up. As she got older, Jaime Lee would bring her notebook and pencil to the beach or the woods and write her stories and poetry there. (To this day, her muse finds her in such places.)

The salty air of her childhood home has provided a wealth of inspiration for Jaime Lee’s creative writing throughout her life, and she often finds herself drawn there today. Her second novel was outlined on the same rocks she played on as a child, right below her parents’ house.

As Jaime Lee grew older, her desire to write never went away, but it took a back seat as she struggled to choose the right career path. She spent time at university studying English and at college, learning about entrepreneurship. As a new mother, with her husband Jason’s support, she decided to stay home to care for their children and she started a business that offered services such as copywriting and ghostwriting. Over the years, Jaime Lee has written about many topics including interior design, ant bait, meal-planning, gluten, computer software, and Disney World. She has also ghostwritten manuscripts for all types of people with many different stories, and some of those manuscripts have gone on to become published works.

In 2014, Jaime Lee decided to dust off her dream of publishing her own works and she is now a bestselling author of the Canadian fantasy series, The Legend of Rhyme. When Jaime Lee isn’t writing (for herself or someone else), she can most likely be found playing Barbie with her daughters, working out at the local kettlebell studio, or in the kitchen making something delicious.

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