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Project Description

I have been pleasantly surprised with how happy I’ve been working with Blue Moon Publishers. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my writing friends about how uncommunicative their publishers have been, and I was worried that when I received revisions for my book, my voice and story would be unrecognizable. However, I’ve been so happy working with Talia, Heidi, and all of the other BMP team. Everyone has kept me up to speed about what’s going on in the publishing process, things are moving along at a good pace, and most importantly, my book is improving at the same time that my voice and my story are respected and kept intact. Thank you for everything, Blue Moon Publishers team!

Author of the Immortal Writers Series, Jill Bowers is a technical writer by day and a fantasy author by night. She is one of two composers-in-residence for the Westminster Bell Choirs and has a great love for all music. She used to be the writer and host for the award-winning radio show Olde Tyme Radio on the Aggie Radio Station at USU and has dabbled in stage play writing as well.

Jill enjoys attending Utah’s Comic Con and Fantasy Con and has an unhealthy attachment to Netflix. She lives in Utah and has a lovely dachshund that needs to lose weight because she probably doesn’t get enough walks and is too cute to not feed. Jill attended Utah State University for their creative writing program, where she actually specialized in creative nonfiction rather than fiction. However, Jill loves delving into different worlds in fantasy and sci-fi novels and is excited to have people enter the worlds she has created.

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