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Project Description

The Must-Have Collector’s Item
(Young Adult, Music)

“The exhibit Steps to Stardom was not just humbling for me; it also brought back all sorts of memories.”
—Justin Bieber


The highly anticipated book Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom has arrived! This must-have collector’s item for Beliebers all over the world brings the Steps to Stardom museum exhibit right to you, featuring more than 100 colour photos of some of the most iconic exhibit items and memorabilia, along with exclusive insights from Stratford Perth Museum general manager John Kastner. Read the never-before-revealed tales of the treasured display items, the story behind the creation of the exhibit itself, and the journeys of fans who have travelled from all over the globe to visit this homage to an icon.

Written by John Kastner, this is the first in a series of books about exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum.