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The Popular Deadish Chronicles Series (Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror)

“Brian Wilkinson’s debut is an exhilarating celebration of the imagination.”
—Scott Carter, author of Blind Luck, Barret Fuller’s Secret

“Brian Wilkinson is a tremendous talent with excellent writing skills.”
— Brian Michael Bendis, Writer, Marvel Comics


Nora Edwards finally had everything she wanted out of life including the boy of her dreams until one night that dream turned into a nightmare. On their way home from prom, Nora and her boyfriend, Andrew, are attacked and killed by a supernatural creature called the Revenant who sucks the souls of the living in order to feed itself. Nora manages to attack and hurt the creature though Andrew is killed and Nora is wounded in such a way that some of the creature’s power has transferred to her. Now Nora has the ability to see the dead, including her lost love, Andrew! What should have been a gift is really a curse as everyone living thinks Nora has lost her mind and has developed something called ‘paramnesia,’ a disorder where one confuses dreams with reality, as she argues with and interacts with the dead. All of this has gotten the attention of the Revenant’s masters who tell the creature to clean up her mess and preserve the secret of their existence or be killed herself. Nora, Andrew, and their living and dead allies in the Deadish Society quickly find themselves in a battle for the souls of her city against the Revenant… all while Nora herself does her best to keep those around her safe while doing her best not to look crazy.

Written by Brian Wilkinson,, this is the first book in The Deadish Chronicles Series.