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Project Description

David Stones is an award-winning poet, performer, ex-CEO and business leader, guitar enthusiast and self-confessed bon vivant. With poems hailed for their resolute imagery, beauty of language and ready accessibility, David is a celebrated performer of his work. He transformed his debut collection of poetry, Infinite Sequels (Friesen Press, 2013), into a one-man show of the same name (“a brilliant and beautiful piece of theatre” – London Free Press, 2018). The winner of multiple poetry contests and judge’s choice awards, David’s poetry spews forth from presses both in Canada and internationally, including most recently Synaeresis (Harmonia Press), Big Pond Rumours, Beret Day Books, Authors’ Press (India), Hidden Book Press, Skywing Press and Her Royal Majesty (Paris, France). David lives peripatetically between Toronto and Stratford, Ontario. His latest poetry collection, sfumato, is published by Blue Moon Publishers.

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