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Diversity and Miracles (Literary Fiction)

“Reed wove together joys, sorrows, relationships, and struggles in a way that was both informative and profound… I did not want to put the book down. This will be a book I will return to many times over.”
— Marion Boyd, Psychotherapist, Grief Counselor

“The dark underbelly of Primrose Street forces us to ponder our own hidden secrets. Those wanting to walk through the clandestine lives of those hidden behind the partially curtained windows should open these pages. Beware the chord it may strike.”
– Jeff Anthofer, P. Eng.


Welcome to Primrose Street, where neighbours share close interactions but know very little of each other. Only the maple trees that have lined the road for decades know their decisions, indiscretions, secrets, joys, and pains.

From fifty-year residents Charlie and Cora and their grandson Ronald, to newcomer Sofia and her son Nicolas, to best friends Tabitha and Dayna, the residents of Primrose Street go about their daily lives—shopping, attending school, meeting at cafés, smiling as they pass on the sidewalk—all the while remaining invisible to one another.

Only when an invitation arrives in their mailboxes must the residents of Primrose Street decide whether to allow authenticity into their lives and neighbourhood or remain limited in their relationships and thereby to themselves.

Drawing comparisons to Maeve Binchy and Elizabeth Strout for its clear-eyed characterizations of everyday people, Marina L. Reed’s writing sheds light on questions that haunt us and exposes the poison of secrets. Primrose Street is everyone’s street, where the ebb and flow of daily experiences can bring people together and miracles are still possible.

Written by Marina L. Reed, this debut novel launches in 2018.