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The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme, (MG, Fantasy)

“Second Twin had me from the first page and kept me on the edge on my seat until the very end. This is my favorite installment yet, in The Legend of Rhyme series. The author paints such vivid scenes into the reader’s mind, as if by some sort of magic, and she transports us into another time and place through her imagery. The story line takes so many twists and turns that I was almost exhausted by the end – in the best way possible! If you are looking for a new series and enjoy a little magic, and the struggle of good versus evil – you should begin your journey in the Legend of Rhyme series. When you get to “Second Twin” will not be disappointed! My only criticism of this book is that it felt like I was on a roller coaster ride as I was reading it, with the ups and downs, twists and turns and when I got to the end of the ride – I didn’t want to get off! Can’t wait to read number 5!”
– Krystal Mills, middle school teacher,

“Jaime Lee intertwines multiple stories with masterful skill, from Asher and Ariana stuck in a strange place and time, to mystical mermaids in a magic ocean. The end result is a spectacular book that is impossible to put down.”
– Cam, grade 9 student

“I like how the characters in the series all seem to connect one way or another. Jaime Lee really keeps you guessing what will happen next in Second Twin. I can’t wait to read the next book.”
– Austin, grade 5 student


Grimblerod has led twins Asher and Ariana Caine back to ancient Rhyme, a time when Calla and Elora were the same age the twins are now. Though the Kingdom of Falmoor is rich with magic, the twins are unable to use their powers. They don’t know whom to trust, where to turn, or how to avoid doing something in the past that may alter the future forever.

Meanwhile, young Teagan Rogers must decide if she is ready to leave behind everything and everyone she knows to follow her mysterious destiny beneath the waves.

Will Teagan choose to become a mermaid?

Will Asher and Ariana get home before changing the course of history forever?

And can enemies truly become friends?

Written by Jaime Lee Mann, the book is available at bookstores and from Amazon.