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The Popular Hit the Ground Running Series (Young Adult, Mystery, Adventure)

“It would be a cross between a young Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones. And I did not throw out those three names lightly.”
—Steven McEvoy, Middle Grade and Young Adult Book Reviews

“Author Mark Burley has really ramped up the action and excitement in Take Flight.”
Canadian Review of Materials 


“Run, Eric—go as far as you can as fast as you can. I will find you.”

Eric Bakker has his family back. Not everyone was so lucky.

All of the Bakkers owe their lives to the mysterious John Williams, a friend and colleague of Eric’s parents. So after Williams is critically injured during their rescue, they will do whatever is necessary to help him survive. His only chance is to return to the place that made him what he is, in a remote part of Norway where even the locals are afraid to go. But it isn’t easy to travel through Europe with someone who appears to be dead, and the longer it takes, the less likely it is their plan will work.

With a trail of death and destruction spanning multiple continents behind him, it’s understandable that the authorities would be after Eric, and it’s only a matter of time before they close in. Fortunately, his friends Tess, Seth, and Lakey have his back, but fast thinking and cool tech only go so far.

As everyone with a stake converges, Eric will need one final push to save Williams before the killers known as the Vidi bring an end to all things. Deep inside a mountain far to the north, Eric will find out which myths and legends are true, and which are just stories. But the answers only matter if he makes it out alive.

Written by Mark Burley, this is the third book in the Hit the Ground Running Series and the final instalment.