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Truth and History (Literary Fiction)

“What is refreshing about this book (and the first one too for that matter) is how the story is told – from Jessie’s viewpoint aged 11 years old. She sees and interprets things in a different manner than an adult would. Great writing from Ms Golding that captures the child’s viewpoint and opinions.
I read many parts of this book with Google Earth open alongside to search streets and places. To my great delight I found both the homes of the Stephens and the Darlings.”
— Alison Scheppel Reviewer

“Lynne Golding has opened a magical door to the past and ushered us into Edwardian Brampton to marvel at a simpler time… ​​[The Innocent​] will make you laugh and weep and wonder, and be fondly remembered long after the final pages are read.”
– Cheryl Cooper, author of the Seasons of War series


When peace and contentment are lost, must they take our innocence?

On the afternoon of August 4, 1914, Jessie Stephens and her family acknowledged what most Canadians knew to be true: Canada was at war. They acknowledged it without knowing what the war would cost in men or materials; without knowing where its battles would occur or troops would be sent; without knowing the means by which mortal payloads would be delivered; without knowing the anxiety, uncertainty, and sacrifice that would be experienced by those at home; without knowing the innocence they would lose, the beleaguered state they would assume.

Welcome to the world of the Stephens family: an inquisitive girl on her way to becoming a bright modern woman; a grandfather who built the town’s finest homes and churches—including one the family is mysteriously unable to enter; a darling brother who in the space of a year vied for the Mann Cup in Vancouver and military victory in Greece; and a sister whose chance for love was put asunder by the bigotry of the time.

Written in lyrical, sweeping prose by the great-niece of the real-life Jessie, The Beleaguered, the second book in the Beneath the Alders series, follows the life of the Stephens family at home in Brampton, Ontario, to London, England, and far beyond.

Written by Lynne Golding, this is the second book in the “Beneath the Alders” series.