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The Popular Battledoors Series (Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure)

“Brian Wilkinson blazes new trails in both science fiction and the supernatural with his latest book, ​Battledoors. Daring to go beyond the conventional boundaries of storytelling, Wilkinson manages to craft a brilliant tale about adventure, youth, and hope.”
—Mike Marts, Editor-in-Chief, AfterShock Comics

“Brian Wilkinson is a tremendous talent with excellent writing skills.”
— Brian Michael Bendis, Writer, Marvel Comics


Battledoors: The Golden Slate follows the adventures of Owen Thomas and his companions as they find themselves magically pulled from our world into one parallel to it. In this twisted version of Toronto, Owen must use the Battledoor on his waist, the Golden Slate itself, to progress through a story that he now finds himself the Protagonist of before he and his companion are able to return home. At each new junction in the story, the Battledoor presents him with a series of choices that will dictate the paths he is able to take to reach the end. With each choice, however, comes a consequence. Some paths might look safer than others, but each presents a unique challenge that the group will have to overcome in order to progress.

Each choice will result in a new adventure. Will Owen and his friends meet new allies, bizarre creatures, or deadly enemies? Will he be able to get far enough along in the story to find his way home, or will the next choice result in a fatal end? To succeed, Owen must find courage he never knew he had, explore the possibility of romance, and try to find a way to let go of his painful past and move on. Before he can make the final escape back home, however, Owen must also confront Vellum, the ultimate Antagonist and the dark ruler of this strange world, who wants to take control of the Battledoor for himself.

Written by Brian Wilkinson, this is the first book in The Battledoors series.