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Truth and History (Literary Fiction)

“Lynne Golding knows how to tell a story. With yarns she gathered at her great aunt’s knee, she has woven a compelling story that harkens back to a time of pre-war innocence in a town I’ve always been proud to call my own.”
— Former Premier the Honorable William G. Davis

“Lynne Golding has opened a magical door to the past and ushered us into Edwardian Brampton to marvel at a simpler time… ​​[The Innocent​] will make you laugh and weep and wonder, and be fondly remembered long after the final pages are read.”
– Cheryl Cooper, author of the Seasons of War series

“It’s easy to forget that everything about the roads we drive, the hydro and water to our homes, the schools and health care we need, comes from the cradle of community. This book is a journey back in time to what was needed for building a future that cares for many thousands for decades to come. Through a fascinating family, Lynne Golding’s novel leads us into the past in a whimsical way that can’t help but connect to our own ambitions.”
– Lorna Dueck, CEO, Crossroads


In the year 1907, all of Brampton is present at the sod-turning ceremony for the Carnegie Library. At the end of the event, the crowd rises as one to walk to the Presbyterian Church for a consecration service… Everyone except Jessie Stephens and her family. Her father will not allow them to enter the Presbyterian Church.

No one will tell young Jessie the reason, but she learns that it has something to do with her grandfather Jesse Brady, who built it. As she seeks to solve that mystery over many years, Jessie slowly begins to learn the history of the town in which she lives. Her tales of everyday life in small town Ontario combine to craft a vivid portrait of a life and a family that are, upon closer inspection, anything but ordinary.

Written by Lynne Golding, this is the first book in the “Beneath the Alders” series.