Blue Moon Publishers Releases Blood and Stars

The Fifth Book in the Legend of Rhyme Series by Jaime Lee Mann is Now Available! Bestselling fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann is now celebrating the release of the fifth novel in the middle grade Legend of Rhyme series, Blood and Stars! We remember launching this series back in 2014, and we couldn't be more excited to [...]

Author Brian Wilkinson on the Inspiration for his Characters 

The Most Absurd Things in Life are Real Guest Post by Brian Wilkinson, author of The Golden Slate (2018) The most absurd things in life are real. All of my characters, to some degree or another, are based on real people. There isn't a single character that I can point to and say, "this is clearly so-and-so," but [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Introduces YA Author Brian Wilkinson

Getting To Know Our New YA Author Join us as we chat with Blue Moon Publishers author Brian Wilkinson about his writing process and his upcoming YA novel The Golden Slate, the first in the young adult "Battledoors" series! Have you always wanted to be a writer?  In some ways, this is a strange question because I can't [...]

Blue Moon Publishers Releases Amish Guys Don’t Call

The Debut Young Adult Novel by Debby Dodds is Now Available! Actress, teacher, and young adult author Debby Dodds has been writing and publishing stories and essays for years, and we are now excited to celebrate the release of her first full-length novel, young adult romance Amish Guys Don't Call. About Amish Guys Don't Call A story of cross-cultural teenage love, Amish [...]