First Year Retrospective by Jaime Lee Mann

My First Year as a Published Author

By Jaime Lee Mann

2015 was one of the most significant years of my life. I started the year as a published author, after Blue Moon Publishers made my dream come true, with the December 2014 release of my first novel, Elora of Stone, the first instalment in the “Legend of Rhyme” series of fantasy novels for middle graders.

It was quite an eventful year with signings and school visits, and of course the May release of the second title in the series, Into Coraira, and the November release of the third title, Teagan of Tomorrow. Recently, I sent off my fourth manuscript to Blue Moon’s editors, and now it’s time for a tiny break before I put my head down to focus on number five!

This seems like the perfect time to reflect on some of my favourite author moments over the past year and a bit.

The most poignant moment of all would have been seeing my book in print for the first time. Surreal does not do an accurate job of describing how it felt to hold Elora of Stone in my hands for the first time. I will never forget how that felt.

But there were so many other special moments that came with the release of that novel…

  • Sitting on my living room floor, surrounded by copies of my novel, signing them for school visits.
  • Reading to classrooms of children—thousands of children—over the past year or so. Watching them laugh at the funny parts, and get stone quiet at the suspenseful parts. Hearing them clap and beg to hear more. Those moments are priceless.
  • Accepting the coins from their hot little hands as they excitedly purchase their copy of the book. I always feel so honoured that they’ve chosen to spend their money on my books. That does not get old.
  • Being hunted down by parents asking me to sign their child’s copy of one of my books. To see one of my novels, dog-eared and worn is the most beautiful thing. It took me off guard how strong that feeling was the first time I experienced it.
  • Seeing my daughters’ copies of my books under their pillows. They read them over and over.
  • Finding my books on the list of Amazon bestsellers.
  • Receiving five star reviews!
  • My first in-store book signing was both exciting and terrifying. Seeing the “Autographed by Author” sticker on the cover of my books is so exciting. Every book signing is a very cool moment.
  • Being interviewed for my local CBC radio station.
  • Appearing in Middle Shelf magazine.
  • Receiving bundles of fan mail from schools I’d visited.
  • Having children ask me for hugs and autographs.
  • Being asked over and over when the next book is coming out.

I could really go on all day here, but those would be some of the biggest moments that have brought me a great deal of joy over the past year. And I am very excited to see what 2016 has in store for me!

Thank you Blue Moon Publishers for making it all possible.

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