Blue Moon Publishers Introduces Authors Marina L Reed and Marian Grace Boyd

Getting to Know the authors of the Remember, It’s OK series

Psychotherapist, adoption practitioner, and grief counsellor Marian Grace Boyd (B.R.E., B.A.Psych, M.A. Counselling Psych.) co-wrote the Remember, It’s OK series of books with author Marina L. Reed (honB.A., M.A., B.Ed.) to help people during their grief journey.

Join us as we chat with Marina and Marian about grief and how their Remember, It’s OK book series can help!

What inspired you to begin writing the Remember, It’s OK series?

We were inspired to write this series of books as a result of our own grief journeys and because we found nothing on the bookshelves that spoke to our deep feelings, especially ones we were afraid to say out loud. We felt alone in our grief as do some many others. We did not want people who were grieving to feel alone anymore. We wanted to give them a voice rather than telling them what they were feeling. And we wanted to show others how to support and help those who are grieving. We wanted to take the fear and avoidance out of grief and add healing and hope.

Can you describe your interview and writing process?

People trusted us with raw and emotional stories. In order to protect anonymity, Marina then created a blend of their stories into Moments. Marina would then read these out loud to Marian and they created the responses as if in conversation with that person and their experience. Writing in first person for the griever and support person, allows for the book to be very personal, just as a journal or diary would be. Some Moments are short, some are longer, some are poems…all dependent upon the nature of the story.

Can you tell us about the most impactful interview?

We really wouldn’t be able to say one interview was more impactful than another. Every story was powerful and painful and brought us closer to understanding what people were afraid to say out loud, and how we needed to craft our book to support them. No secrets. That’s what people we interviewed were craving. And that’s what we’ve tried to give them.

Can you describe your revision and/or editorial process?

We would go over our manuscript a number of times, re-reading together and making sure we gave support where needed, and breath where needed. We wanted to make sure we were true to the stories of loss and pain, and learning and healing. We also needed to double check that the story and response belonged in Yellow or was it more Orange or Green. These were questions we constantly asked each other. The colours and how they resonate with the grief journey was key for us and we altered and adjusted until we found the perfect balance and fit. The format of the book is very unique. We wanted to move away from grief books written like a textbook, to allow for space and breath that a grieving person needs. We still have advice and support and guidance in the responses and in our blank page suggestions, but we hear what the grieving person wants to say, rather than telling them what they should be feeling.

What have you learned through writing Remember, It’s OK?

We have learned that grief needs a voice. We learned that people don’t talk openly about what they are feeling because they are afraid of being judged. Also, grief needs patience and space. Those who care about grieving loved ones need to understand how to help those who suffer and that it is not solved in stages where they finish one and move to the next. We learned the grief journey is a colour spectrum that weaves in and around itself, and that movement and hope are critical. Finally, there is healing and new life after we experience loss and death. People need to work through their grief journey in a concrete way and so we built in blank pages for them. We bring all this into our Remember, It’s OK series.

What is your hope for the Remember, It’s OK series?

With our Remember, It’s OK series, we hope to bring a new healing conversation around grief and offer a new concept for grief and loss, using colours as the new guide. Our hope is that people will find their voice, comfort and guidance in a Remember, It’s OK book.

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