How To: Start A Book Club

Tips For Starting And Maintaining A Successful Book CLub

Book clubs can offer a fun and rewarding experience. Getting together with friends, sharing stories, eating good food (and drinking good wine) – what’s not to love? Oh, and reading a discussing a book, of course. Book clubs have developed a reputation as an excuse to do everything but actually read, but we think that they have the potential to offer a wonderful literary experience! Here are our steps to starting a successful book club.

Gather Your Members

A book club is an opportunity to socialize with old friends, but it can allow you to meet new people, as well. Try inviting people with whom you would not normally visit to your club: a coworker, an in-law, or a fellow library haunt! As long as your members are interested in reading and discussing books, they will form the base of a successful book club.

Select A Meeting Time

Many book clubs meet once a month, but if you feel your members may need more time to get through your reading selection, don’t hesitate to schedule your meetings farther apart. You can also plan more frequent, intermediary discussions, as well, if you want to build and enjoy momentum. Pick a time when most of your members are available and to which they can commit – Saturday night may not be the best choice.

Pick Your Book

Now comes the fun part: picking your book! Your selection does not have to be high literature, but it should be something that you feel will merit and prompt discussion. Take a poll of the group and see what genres and styles interest them. Many books come with built in Discussion Guides, so looking out for these in particular could be a good start. Or, ask a sales associate at your local bookstore; many would be thrilled to provide a book club recommendation!

Plan Your Event

Now that you have your members selected, your date in place, and your book ready to discuss, you can begin to plan the meeting itself. Food and drinks that follow the theme of your book can be a lot of fun, and some clubs opt to play a few related games or try quizzes as well. Remember not to make these elements the focus of your club, however. Preparing engaging talking points in advance and taking time to thoroughly think through what you have read will keep the discussion moving forward and everybody interested.

The Joys Of Book Clubs

Jokes abound about book clubs that focus more on drinking than on reading, but they can be very rewarding if you find one with readers with whom you can connect and books that make you think. Book clubs provide members with the opportunity to read the books that they enjoy and then discuss them with fellow enthusiasts, gathering new insights and opinions. Check out your local library if you are interested in joining an established group, or try your hand at starting your own!

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