Interview with Middle-Grade Author Jaime Lee Mann


Getting to Know the Creator of Elora of Stone

Join us as we chat with the lovely Jaime Lee Mann, author of the brand-new fantasy novel Elora of Stone from the “Legend of Rhyme” series!


1. What was your favourite subject in school? Were you always a strong writer?

I loved reading and writing even before I started school! I was always a good student, but I did excel in writing. Language Arts was my favourite subject in elementary school, and in high school it was Creative Writing. Throughout elementary and high school, I remember classmates enjoyed reading the poems and stories that I was constantly writing. In high school Creative Writing exams, I was always the last one done, filling multiple sheets of foolscap with my stories.


2. What aspects of the writing process come most naturally to you?

I would say creating the imagery. Outlining is something that I really have to force myself to do, because I am a very outside-the-box person. I don’t like to frame things; I prefer a little bit of chaos. But that doesn’t work with a novel. You need plot lines and things like that to move the story along. So while I am capable of outlining and I’m pretty good at it, it is uncomfortable for me. But when it comes to the pictures I want the reader to see when they read my books? Well, I’m a very visual person, and it is quite natural for me to create vivid descriptions to pull readers into the world I see. I always write these scenes with my eyes closed so I am actually describing the pictures I’m seeing in my mind.


3. How long does it take you to write a book?

It has been taking about two months of every-spare-minute-when-I’m-not-working-on-something-else to write the first draft of a novel. Then with edits and revisions, it seems to be a full six months. Again, the writing is the easy part.


4. Do you have any quirky writing habits, such as a favourite snack or music playlist?

When I really want to seriously focus on what I’m writing, I pour myself some strong coffee or a nice cup of tea and turn on my record player (yes, a record player). I love listening to the great singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, and Bob Dylan. I feel like their creative energy comes through to me through the scratchy vinyl. Their voices will almost put me in a trance. I never usually snack while I’m writing, especially not Elora of Stone, because Grimblerod is always turning my stomach.


5. What can we expect to see next from Jaime Lee Mann?

This spring, you will see the second novel in the “Legend of Rhyme” series, Into Coraira, and by July, Teagan of Tomorrow, the third installment, will be available. For the younger audience, I also have a charming little picture book being released in the summer, A bug is a bug is a bug!


Elora of Stone is currently available for purchase on Amazon. Booksellers can purchase print copies via Ingram.


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