Love, Reality Style Featured in The Item Of Millburn and Short Hills

Judith Natelli McLaughlin Chats About Chick Lit

Blue Moon Publishers and Judith Natelli McLaughlin are very pleased to see a feature on this local author and her new women’s fiction release Love, Reality Style in The Item of Millburn and Short Hills! The publication features local authors, and was excited to shine a spotlight on this brand new release.

The Inspiration Behind Love, Reality Style

We asked Judith to share the inspiration behind her new novel. Here’s what she had to say:

I am never without ideas swirling in my head. This particular idea, one about a girl who isn’t quite sure if she is in love, or just comfortable, kept knocking on my brain. I added a splash of reality television and a dash of a meddling mother and Love, Reality Style was born. While this novel is not based on personal experience, I can often see my views in the characters. But honesty, I like it better when they start to talk for themselves and I just become the “vehicle.”

The Feature

The Item of Millburn and Short Hills recently published an article about Love, Reality Style and its relationship with both the “chick lit” and reality television genres. For an interesting insight into this new novel, read the feature for yourself!

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