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Caregiving Collection

Caregiver Collection offers something for every caregiver, whatever stage they’re at.

A focus on conscious caregiving and self care with brief sections that are broken down with tips, practical exercises, and reflective questions.

Each chapter in the workbook corresponds to a chapter in the book, providing space and graphic elements to work through the practical exercises.

Brief passages for the harried caregiver that may only have time to read a line or two.

A chance to reflect and recharge, and set aside time for collecting precious memories and focusing on your own self care.

Brief stories that highlight unique perspectives on caregiving.

For better or worse, caregiving is simply part of everyday family life for most of us, sooner or later.  So, as you explore the wonderful stories and lessons learned that are shared by Lise LeBlanc in this book, I wish you peace, joy and most of all, increased awareness that will make the time you spend looking after a loved one as stress free, effective as rewarding as possible for as long as you shall live.
Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Founder of CanadaCares

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