Conscious Caregiving Guide

Conscious Caregiving Guide


The Conscious Caregiving Guide focuses on conscious caregiving and self care with brief sections that are broken down with tips, practical exercises, and reflective questions.








About the Book

What kind of caregiver are you? The Doormat? The Fighter? The Judge? What if you knew which style would be best for your own health and the health of your loved one? It is THAT important to decide now… on the way IN to the caregiving journey, one that often begins abruptly.

Lise LeBlanc carefully constructs a step by step, easy to absorb plan for working through the illness of a loved one in Wish I Knew: Conscious Caregivers Guide.
Here are:
  • concrete examples
  • self assessment quizzes
  • real-life stories
  • practical but quick exercises
  • insights and strategies
Wish I Knew: Conscious Caregivers Guide will provide the help you need to tackle the caregiving role and achieve optimum wellness for yourself and your loved one.

About the Author

Lise Leblanc has the experience and insight to make your caregiving journey   a little lighter. As a registered psychotherapist, conflict resolution specialist and caregiver she has seen the impact that caregiving without personal care can wreak on all lives involved. Her personal lived experience has also shaped her useful perspectives. She was the main caregiver for her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease when her grandfather died suddenly. Her own parents and siblings lived afar and she was working full time while raising her two young children. The experience has shaped her dedication to helping people take responsibility for the quality of their own lives at the same time as making space to support a conscious caregiving model.

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“For better or worse, caregiving is simply part of everyday family life for most of us, sooner or later.  So, as you explore the wonderful stories and lessons learned that are shared by Lise LeBlanc in this book, I wish you peace, joy and most of all, increased awareness that will make the time you spend looking after a loved one as stress free, effective as rewarding as possible for as long as you shall live.”

– Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Founder of CanadaCares

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