De-Stress Guide

De-Stress Guide



About the Book

Are you feeling worn out? Overextended? Stressed out? You’re not alone – we all get stressed and overwhelmed at times … but how do we know when it has gone too far?

As we face a global stress-test of epic proportions, this sense of destabilization and uncertainty is causing increasingly higher stress levels.

A psychotherapist for more than twenty years, Lise Leblanc has learned that most us of us are looking for shortcuts. We want the quick-fix solutions. We want the drive-through version, and we want change NOW, but change will not likely happen overnight. Like so many others, you have to learn how to be patient with yourself and Lise has carefully constructed a step-by-step, practical approach to help you understand your stress, assess your mental and emotional state, recognize your self-care needs, find helpful resources, and communicate productively during challenging times.

This book includes:
-concrete examples
-real-life stories
-useful exercises
-reflective questions
-insights and strategies

Although this book cannot take your stress away, Conscious De-Stress Guide will provide you with deep insights and effective strategies. It will answer many of your questions while guiding you to achieve an optimum state of wellness. Consider it your toolbox to manage stress.

This book is the ideal companion to other books in the “Wish I Knew” series.

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