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What Our Authors Have to Say

Working with Blue Moon Publishers has been (and continues to be) one of the best experiences of my life. My dream of publishing books has become a reality, and Blue Moon is exhausting their resources to get my titles into the hands of as many readers as they can. I’m happy that I chose to work with a small boutique publisher because it affords me more freedoms than being signed with a larger publishing house would, and I receive personalized service that other published authors don’t enjoy. I couldn’t be happier.
Jaime Lee Mann
I have been pleasantly surprised with how happy I’ve been working with Blue Moon Publishers. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my writing friends about how uncommunicative their publishers have been, and I was worried that when I received revisions for my book, my voice and story would be unrecognizable. However, I’ve been so happy working with Talia, Heidi, and all of the other BMP team. Everyone has kept me up to speed about what’s going on in the publishing process, things are moving along at a good pace, and most importantly, my book is improving at the same time that my voice and my story are respected and kept intact. Thank you for everything, Blue Moon Publishers team!
Jill Bowers
Blue Moon Publishers are publishing visionaries. From the beginning, they recognized the unique message in my book, and were dedicated beyond what I could ever hope for to bring out its very best potential. It didn’t only stop once the editing was done and the book was launched – they are committed to my entire series and have amazing promotional ideas! They are small but mighty!
J.R. Stewart
Working with Blue Moon Publishers has been a dream come true. The personalized attention devoted to me, the author, earns them the name boutique publisher. I would say they work with you from start to finish, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate because with Blue Moon there is no finish line-no end in sight. They perfect and polish and market and move, giving the work and author the best opportunities to shine. And, they eagerly await my next project, in anticipation of growing my brand. Wow!
Judith Natelli McLaughlin
From the very beginning, I’ve felt like a valued member of the Blue Moon family. Unlike other the other publishers I considered for my book, Blue Moon took the time to personally answer my questions. I could tell they were as excited about my novel as I was. It’s a true publishing partnership. I’m proud to say I’m a Blue Moon author!
Leslie Welch