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Blue Moon Publishers Authors Share Their Favourite Holiday Tales

The holiday season evokes different memories for everybody. Some recall traditions around food or games, while others think of films or works of literature. It is our hope that, regardless of your specific memory, all include thoughts of friends, family, and those you love.

This year, we asked upcoming Blue Moon Publishers authors to share their favourite holiday books and stories. Their answers were as diverse as the authors themselves, and their new books that will be published in 2017.


B.R. Myers

Author of Asp of Ascension and Diadem of Death, April 2017

Every Christmas I bring out the huge basket of Christmas books I’ve been collecting over the years. Some are very old (from when I was little) and others were gifts to my children. There are board books, chapter books with beautiful illustrations, and books that pop-up with scenes from The Night Before Christmas. I place the basket in the living room and prop a few on the bookshelves, letting their covers be as much a part of the decorations as the tree itself. I love them all, but my favourites are The Happy Prince, House of the Wooden Santas, The True Meaning of Crumbfest, and of course, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I especially love reading passages from theses stories out loud, which I do for the dog since my teenagers don’t let me read to them anymore. But we all listen to The Shepherd on CBC radio on Christmas Eve… another fabulous story for the season.

Craig Terlson

Author of Fall In One Day, May 2017

We started a family tradition a number of years ago where I read Stephen Leacock’s “Hoodoo McFiggan’s Christmas” (from  Literary Lapses) on Christmas Eve – it is the saddest, and funniest, Christmas story of all time. We snort through it every year; my daughter usually has tears streaming down her cheek from laughing by the end.

It’s about a young boy who gets a bunch of really crappy presents from his family (boots, toothbrush, suspender, a Bible) – told in that dry Leacock way.

I loved when we made the transition to one of my adult children reading the story now. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, I still laugh.

Debby Dodds

Author of Amish Guys Don’t Call, June 2017

My childhood favourites: The hilarious The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbra Robbinson and the dark The Little Matchgirl by Hans Christian Anderson (I sobbed but was addicted to it).

Adult favourites include: Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris and The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore – both darkly funny.

Movies based on books (I’m addicted to these and can’t go without seeing them every year): Miracle on 34th St. (the original!), It’s a Wonderful Life, and Love Actually (which is a bit of a cheat because the movie came out before the book).

Kris Faatz

Author of To Love A Stranger, May 2017

One of my favourites when I was a kid was The Winter Bear, by Ruth Craft and Eric Blegvad. I loved the theme of “homecoming,” and I remember being able to feel so clearly how the bear was warm and loved after being lost.

A long-standing favourite is Charles Dickens’s The Cricket on the Hearth. I first read that when I was about eight, and there’s something about Dickens that says Christmas. Ever since then, I’ve associated it with the leadup to the holiday, especially all the excitement around baking and decorating.

Mark Burley

Author of Hit the Ground Running, April 2017

I know it’s been done more than any other Christmas story there is, but for me, it’s Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. It’s partly because it’s tradition, and I’m nostalgic by nature, but I’ve always been a sucker for redemption stories. I’m also a huge fan of the 1951 movie adaptation with Alastair Sim–I watch it at least once every year. I hear Sim’s voice when I read Scrooge’s dialogue. Love it.

Susan Marshall

Author of NemeSIS, April 2017

My favourite Christmas book from childhood is definitely The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  I loved that Christmas came without any of the trappings, and most especially the illustration of the Whos all holding hands and singing.

My mom used to bribe us to memorize poems and one of mine was “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost, which always reminds me of Christmas and of course, especially this year, my mother.

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