A lyrical masterpiece by an award-winning poet “A lyrical masterpiece...powerful and precise...each poetic jewel awakens in the wrapping and unwrapping of patterned motif and sound. A brilliant collection by a gifted performance poet.” -Debbie Okun Hill, poet, Tarnished Trophies Sfumato A dead mouse reclining in a slipper; a cigarette smouldering on a motel bedside table; [...]

Stratford For All Seasons: Theatre & Arts


Stratford for All Seasons, Theatre & Arts, shares the immensity and diversity of the theatre and arts scene in Stratford, Ontario. It is extraordinary to have culture of this magnitude in a city with a population of approximately 32,000. Many of the 500,000 annual visitors to the city who attend the Stratford Festival, as well as many busy Stratfordites, are not aware of the countless cultural events available to them year-round. Stratford is not your pop-up tourist town. This quiet, scenic city in a rural setting has remained true to its roots even though thousands of people visit each year from around the world. Ever since the days of early settlement in the 1830s, Stratford has been a place where forward-thinking citizens seized opportunities to benefit their community. This book is about the cultural happenings in Stratford that will make you say, “Wow.”

Stratford For All Seasons: Secrets & Surprises


Stratford For All Seasons: Secrets & Surprises, is loaded with magical and little-known stories about Stratford, Ontario. This quiet, scenic city in a rural setting has managed to stay true to its roots even though thousands of people visit each year from around the world. Many of the 500,000 annual visitors to this city of approximately 32,000 are not aware of the fun facts and history that make this corner of the universe unlike all the others. Stratford is not your pop-up tourist town. This book is about the things you can do, see, and discover in Stratford that will make you say, “Really?”

Many Moons, Songwriter Series


  A Songwriters Memoir (Songwriter Series, Non-Fiction) “Dayna’s lyrical tales of music and life are fresh, honest and a study guide to every singer-songwriter. This book took me effortlessly across Canada and into her music itself. Count me as a member of Dayna’s Folk Army!” -Chris Hadfield – astronaut and fellow musician MANY MOONS (Songwriter Series) [...]

Farm To Table


The Stratford Chefs School has trained accomplished chefs for decades, and the stories in this book speak to how the school has also shaped the culinary landscape in Perth County, Ontario. Farm to Table pairs Stratford Chefs School alumni chefs with one of their favourite food producers for a culinary adventure through Perth County. Inside, you’ll find beloved recipes from head chefs at favourite Perth County restaurants, along with photos by renowned photographer Terry Manzo, and profiles written by CBC food columnist Andrew Coppolino. This compilation of recipes from some of the most celebrated local graduates of the Stratford Chefs School takes you inside the lessons they learned at the school, making this book a staple of every Canadian kitchen. Written by CBC Columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom


The Must-Have Collector's Item (Young Adult, Music) “The exhibit Steps to Stardom was not just humbling for me; it also brought back all sorts of memories.” —Justin Bieber JUSTIN BIEBER: STEPS TO STARDOM The highly anticipated book Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom has arrived! This must-have collector’s item for Beliebers all over the world brings the Steps to [...]

Primrose Street


  Diversity and Miracles (Literary Fiction) “Reed wove together joys, sorrows, relationships, and struggles in a way that was both informative and profound... I did not want to put the book down. This will be a book I will return to many times over.” — Marion Boyd, Psychotherapist, Grief Counselor “The dark underbelly of Primrose Street [...]

The Golden Slate, YA Fantasy Series


  The Popular Battledoors Series (Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure) “Brian Wilkinson blazes new trails in both science fiction and the supernatural with his latest book, ​Battledoors. Daring to go beyond the conventional boundaries of storytelling, Wilkinson manages to craft a brilliant tale about adventure, youth, and hope.” —Mike Marts, Editor-in-Chief, AfterShock Comics “Brian Wilkinson is a tremendous [...]