Nirvana, Dystopian YA Series


The Popular Nirvana Series (YA, Dystopian) Best work of fiction about virtual reality that I have ever read. -Rhetta Akamatsu, Blog Critics Magazine Kenders (Larissa) is the most devoted and tenacious heroine I have read in a long time... If you enjoy futuristic what-if books like The Hunger Games or The Matrix, give this series [...]

Into Coraira, Middle-Grade Fantasy Series


The Canadian Bestselling Fantasy Series, The Legend of Rhyme, (MG, Fantasy) “Simply put, Into Coraira is one of the best young person books I have read.” - Sean Talbot, book reviewer "There are fairies, gnomes, heroes, heroines, magic, mystery, danger, and double crossing to enthral children… enjoy escaping into this new fantasy adventure!" -Elaine Brent, [...]

Jaime Lee Mann, Author of The Legend of Rhyme Series


Working with Blue Moon Publishers has been (and continues to be) one of the best experiences of my life. My dream of publishing books has become a reality, and Blue Moon is exhausting their resources to get my titles into the hands of as many readers as they can. I’m happy that I chose to [...]