Primrose Street


  Diversity and Miracles (Literary Fiction) “Reed wove together joys, sorrows, relationships, and struggles in a way that was both informative and profound... I did not want to put the book down. This will be a book I will return to many times over.” — Marion Boyd, Psychotherapist, Grief Counselor “The dark underbelly of Primrose Street [...]

Fall In One Day


“Terlson doesn't disappoint. I sat down with Fall In One Day and kept turning the pages until I finished it nearly in one sitting. Action, history, mystery, and at the heart of it, friendship, all keep you on the edge of your seat, not quite wanting it to end.” - Lois N., book reviewer

To Love A Stranger


“To Love A Stranger by Kris Faatz is a novel full of all kinds of love—big, messy, secret. It is a novel full of music and juicy orchestra drama rivalling Mozart In The Jungle. It is a novel full of both sweetness and sadness. Readers are safe in this author’s thoughtful hands, amidst these gorgeous words, in this world rich with the heady sounds of darkness, honesty, forgiveness. To Love A Stranger is written with the harmony of humanity in mind. To Love A Stranger is a song.” — Leesa Cross-Smith, author of Every Kiss A War