Flow Like Water, YA Mystery Series


  The Popular Hit the Ground Running Series (Young Adult, Mystery, Adventure) “The characters may be moving constantly, but the story allows readers to get to know them, their flaws, and their motivations. There’s parkour, science, cool tech, and even a paranormal element. Two more books are in the works to complete the series, and I’m looking [...]

Medallion of Murder, “Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series”


The Popular Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series (Young Adult, Mystery) "Great fun… a twisty-turny mystery that blends old-school Nancy Drew appeal with the humor, romance, and edge of the best contemporary YA. A must for lovers of Egyptology, smart and tenacious heroines, and powerful female friendships that withstand any test." — J.C. Lillis, author of How [...]

Hit the Ground Running


The Popular Hit the Ground Running Series (YA, Mystery) “Once you start you will not put this book down. Highly entertaining, this story is full of action and enough suspense to be a page turner with a perfect cliffhanging ending. Praise Mark Burley for magnificent story.” — Arlene Arredondo, Arlene's Book Reviews