Reasons To Read Over The Holidays

Four Reasons To Reach For A Book

As the Holidays approach, many of us are becoming focused on work and plans, and abandoning our reading habits. While it may be tempting to relegate that new novel to the resolutions of the new year, the Holidays are actually an ideal time to crack open a book.

Reading Relieves Stress

The Holiday season can bring with it increased chaos, workload, and stress. Instead of allowing these negative elements to become your focus, reach for a book. Reading has been shown to reduce stress, and all you need is six minutes per day. Reading is also an effective way to take your mind off of your worries and embrace a whole new world.

Reading Can Create A Tradition

Many people have a favourite Holiday movie that they watch every year – why not a favourite Holiday book as well? This season is full of traditions, so use this opportunity to create a new one and select a book to which you can return time and time again. Even the setting of your reading, such as a comfy chair by the fireplace, or a festive snack in which you can indulge, can help to create a Holiday reading tradition.

Reading Allows Bonding With Younger Relatives

I have very fond memories of visiting little-seen relatives around the Holidays as a child, and many of these recollections include reading! My grandfather had a special Holiday book that he read to me each year, and I approached everybody else with an appropriately themed picture book in hand. Reading aloud to children has been proven to improve their own reading skills as well, so use the Holidays as an excuse to spread cheer and literacy!

Reading Allows A Break From Relatives

Finally, if you aren’t too keen on the idea of spending copious amounts of time with your relatives this Holiday season, reading allows you an excuse for some time alone and an escape to wherever it is you would rather be, instead.

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